Friday, April 17, 2009

Facebook Dragon Wars, Cheats, Free Train Grow that Alliance

Facebook Dragon Wars a great role-playing game set in ancient times. If you enjoy games with a medieval theme with dragons and knights this is the game for you.
I have created a free train to grow your mafia and for cheats I will tell you what I know. Join with me on Facebook Dragon Wars and let us kick some honorable booty.
In all of these games, the trick to success is to purchase as much property as you can to get a huge flood of money coming in hourly. In the game, it is easiest to buy the gear for the second or third job and perform those missions. You will move up the earliest levels easily, buy a dragon for protection, and do another mission or two.
This is not a cheat but hey, it might appear to others if you have a ton of money coming in on the lower levels. Play smart, purchase property, and get that income flowing in.
When you are done playing facebook Dragon Wars for the day and your energy is gone, buy some property rather than making a deposit to the bank.
In the early level, do not purchase enough equipment for your whole alliance, until your cash flow is at least two million an hour. The upkeep of equipment and the dragons will be expensive if you have a good-sized alliance. Play smart and without cheats and you will do well. Do not fight others until you have enough good equipment to do so, or you will spend lots of money healing and that is wasteful.
It is always a great idea to grow your mob free use the train, as it is to grow your cash. The quickest way to grow a huge alliance is to join a free train and it is here. This article is packed with free information about the game, but without getting a bigger alliance all, the money in the world will not help you.
Players might want to bookmark this page! Insert a URL or user name to the free facebook Dragon Wars train often to take advantage of it. Add your name in the comment section below and take the names of others who have left theirs before you. Jump on the free train and you will get more than enough to fill your alliance quickly once the train gets moving.
Keep in mind buy as much property as you can on the game Facebook Dragon Wars, purchase only enough equipment for missions until you hit 2 million an hour and leap on the free train. These are not cheats citizens. This is only smart playing and that is so much better then being barred from any game. Have fun with the game and leave out the cheats because being a cheater is lame.