Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mario Kart 64 Game

Mario Cart 64 was Developed by Nintendo EAD, or Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development, and published by Nintendo in 1997 in North America for the Nintendo 64. Mario Kart 64 includes characters from the Mario series, and Mario's Nemesis Donkey Kong. This game offers a unique experience from other racing games.

The players' race on circuit tracks, which represent different worlds from the Mario and Donkey Kong series. While racing these tracks in Mario Cart 64 various power ups can be collected through floating cubes with question marks on them.

The cubes when passed through will shatter, and the player will get a random power up among the 14 possible ones. When the box is picking the player may hit the use item button to stop the wheel prematurely.

The main game modes are Grand Prix, Time Trial. Gran prix allows for up to 2 human players to go up against a field of computer controlled players in Gran Prix cup series comprised of four courses. There are four cup races in total. They range from shorter courses to longer ones. After each race points are awarded to the players, higher places equal more points. At the end the scores are added up and the highest scorer wins.

There are three difficulty modes to chose from, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc. CC stands for cubic centimeter and refers to the engine size of the cart. There is also a bonus mode that can be unlocked that allows players to race on reversed tracks.

Time Trial is what its name suggests the player must set a course recorded and has the option to race a track ghost, a player is given three speed boosts to start with, and gets no other power ups throughout the race. The ghosts are the only information that's not saved on the cartridge, and use almost a whole memory pack.

The next two modes Versus and Battle, are mainly multiplayer modes. Versus is where up to four players can race against each other on one of the 16 courses in the game. Battle mode is where instead of racing players are one arena type courses, and must knock balloons off their opponents' karts. This is achieved by either ramming into an opponent or hitting them with a power up.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Perfect Dark": A Great Game

Perfect Dark is a first person shooter developed by Rare Ltd. and released for the N64. Perfect Dark is set in a futuristic world where the player assumes the role of a female secret agent. This character is sent through a series of missions.

The missions are made up of a few levels. The difficulty levels are Agent, Secret Agent, and Perfect Agent. In the higher difficult levels special gadgets like shields are missing and the auto aim ability is turned off.

Alongside the main campaign there is a cooperative mode. In this mode two human players, or up to three computer controlled players take on the missions together. Only one human player has to make it to the end with all objectives completed though.

Counter Operative mode is an exclusive mode to this Perfect Dark. Two human players are required for this mode. One player assumes the role of the main character, while the other player assumes the role of an enemy somewhere in the level, and attempts to stop the other player.

If the counter operative is killed they will re-spawn as another enemy. The counter operative cannot kill the other player's allies to try to make them fail their mission outright.

The weapons range from fists to assault rifles, rockets launchers, and even some alien weapons. The icing on the cake is that most of the weapons have two fire modes. Pistols in second fire mode will cause the player to pistol whip. Shotguns get dual bursts which can be useful in crowded rooms.

An assault rifle may be thrown on the ground as a proximity mine, Rocket launcher is in secondary fire mode become guided launchers. Some grenades with bounce like a pinball, and will detonate if an enemy gets close to it. It is often thought by some to be a clone of Golden Eye 007.

The multiplayer combat plays almost the same in Perfect Dark, but the graphics are brushed up, and weapons along with multiplayer maps from Golden Eye 007 may be unlocked if the player does certain things in single player.

Multiplayer modes in Perfect Dark include most of the staples, like death matches, king of the hill, and capture objective type modes. Most multiplayer features and the entire campaign can only be accessed if the player has an expansion pack for their N64.

In 2010 it was ported to the Xbox 360 with graphic upgrades and some minor fixes by 4J Studios. It is available on the Xbox Live Arcade. Noting that it is an original Nintendo title, it was not released on the Nintendo network because Microsoft acquired Rare Ltd.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Minecraft Multiplayer Games

Minecraft's multiplayer is a big thing. It is more fun to explore the world of minecraft, and build with a friend. People set up dedicated servers, some make you pay for rights to build, and others make you pay to get into the server.

Having a friend or two to play with you makes the game more fun and a lot easier. Someone can watch your back while you mine now. It can also get a tad bit harder. More people playing means you can build a more elaborate and more complicated creation. Make sure the people you play with are trust worthy. You do not want them destroying something that you work hard on.

However, mostly any server you go into has a few simple don'ts. As in stuff that if you do this, your blacklisted. Blacklisting is a process in which a player's user name and ip address are blocked so there is no chance of them getting back into the server, and causing more trouble.

One of the major do not of any multiplayer server is not to grief. Griefing is destroying other peoples work on purpose. Griefiers usually do not stop at one person though; they usually attack a whole server. Most servers have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this, first instance and you are out of there.

This is one of the purposes of a white listed server. A white listed server is a server that a player must get special permission to enter. A players username, and ip address are added to the list then they are allowed in. White listing and black listing are preventive measures for griefing.

There are also anti-griefing programs. However, a lot of mods or tools in minecraft can be used instead. While in a server for instance, a moderator can lock a certain area of the map where only a player or certain players can build or destroy things.

Players may also lock door, chests, and a few other things to their use only. They simple put private in brackets on a wooden sign, then hit enter to move down a line and type their in game name. If done correctly any other player trying to open the chest or door will get a permission denied message.