Tuesday, March 20, 2012

City Of Wonder Allie Train

City of Wonder is a newer game on Facebook, which was released in August of 2010. Allies are very important to anyone playing City of Wonder, being a newer game; it's hard to find them. I have the solution here to give you enough allies to succeed in the game. Jump aboard the Ally train, its free so come on.
The more allies one has in City of Wonder the better, jumping on an ally train will help immensely. Allies will help you earn more money and goods when the player does the expeditions. In addition, when you play the embassy of an Ally in your civilization you can get free money once a day. You will also get pop-ups, which ask if you would like to help your friends, if you select yes then you earn coins for the click.
Having the people on your friends list play the game also increases your chances of getting gifts, which you can use, in the game. These gifts include buildings to increase the happiness, the population, as well as legends, which will help you in many ways.
That is why it is so very important to enlist all the help you can get in the game. Ask your friends and family if they will join you on the train.
Go to the application's web page and ask for help or add your name to the City of Wonder train below in the comments.
I have written a few more articles to aide players of City of wonder. After you have added your url below to join the ally train, go ahead and read the articles if you need more help in the game. I sure would appreciate it You can also share each of them on your own Facebook profile to help your friends.
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cityville Bot

The Cityville bot will help a player to plant the crops. No longer does a player have to click every single plot of land to plant, carrots, corn, cranberries, eggplant, or the other crops within the game. Although planting these crops does not use energy it can still be time consuming if the gamer has a large field to plant in Cityville.

This bot will also harvest the Cityville crops, which can be a real time saver if there is a ton of crops to harvest. Some players have said that by using this cheat all the time you lower your chances of getting the special items, which help to complete the collections.
Not only will the bot collect rent on Cityville homes and apartment buildings but it will collect and supply business buildings automatically. This can save a player tons of time, even and even mouse clicks. It will boost your coins, energy, crops, and even experience quickly.
The new plug in for this Cityville bot will give unlimited coins so you can purchase all the businesses, crops, homes, apartments or decorations that you desire. The Zynga Company quickly patches any of the plugins, which give the unlimited coins, so if a player uses this bot he or she will need to locate a plug in maker who comes up with a new one often.
The neighbor plugin will allow players to visit and work on their neighbors' cities collecting the rent, crops or even to work on building the businesses. It will find energy from the crops, buildings, and collections and from friends and will help the player to utilize this energy in the best possible way. This plug in is an extra one to download for the Cityville bot but it's still free.
Players often complain that the Cityville bots quit working after a few days, it's because the Zynga Company patches them. If you just downloaded a working bot, and it does not seem to be working clear the cache, history, cookies and reboot your computer and try it again. I would be remiss if I published this article without a warning so here is your warning. Use of any bot on any Zynga game will get you banned from the game, so don't cheat. Just play Cityville, Farmville, or Mafia Wars as it was intended.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Overdrive Myspace Game

Myspace Overdrive is a racing game that is new to the biggest social networking site. In this game, members need to have a big racing crew, get it easily when one adds family and other friends in the game myspace Overdrive. You can get a huge racing crew and let us talk about cheats in the game.

If you enjoy racing cars and playing MMORPG games online then this game is the one for you. You can have a good-sized racing crew and it will help you, invite your friends to be on this crew.

One thing I really liked about this game was the sound effects, you see when you race against other crews in here you hear cars racing which is cool.
The sounds effects are not the norm for these MMORPG games so this is a nice change for a bit.
As you climb the levels, you will see that you need to increase your crew to complete the missions. This is the number one reason to enlist a big crew you can race more. So be sure to add your more to your crew so you can grow your crew easily without any cheats.
Add people to your crew by inviting all your friends or jumping a free train.
Purchase as many properties in myspace overdrive as you can, to get money rolling in to purchase equipment for your crew. The properties here are actually businesses that you operate. Have them bringing in to lots of money before you purchase the best equipment for your crew.
Toss most skill points on energy and let your equipment raise your defense and offense scores. Personally, with these types of games, I put the skill points I get for raising one level all on energy and the next time I level up I put one each on energy, defense, and offense.
Purchase equipment evenly. You would not want some of your crew racing with the best equipment while the others race with clunker cars or worse engage in foot racing.

When you begin Myspace Overdrive, you choose your name etc, as you do in any other game. Some are funny and some really suck big time, so please for the sake of us all, do not be vulgar.
A funny name is always better; give us something to laugh about. Think of it this way, if you would not want your grandma to see the name, and perhaps you should reconsider your choice on face book overdrive.