Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bejeweled Twist

I really enjoyed playing bejeweled twist and I can easily see this becoming among my top games. I love the excitement that regular bejeweled and blitz gives me, but twist is more challenging. Perhaps it is because you have to twist those little gems to make them match before they explode that keeps a player twisting.
Perhaps it is the challenges that keep players twisting in hopes that they will score big. The entire game is challenging which slows down your progress but encourages you to keep playing it to master it.
There are 4 modes of game play classic, Zen, challenge and of course blitz. Watch out for the flame and lighting power gems, they can create havoc or pure enjoyment, and it really depends on how you look at it.
One twist can cause a whole number of gems to fall unexpectedly, which is very neat to watch. When a large group falls, it is hard to see all that occurs on the screen.
Instant replay of your best moves as far as gems crashing, cascades and of course the best removal. This is great for those times when you miss those golden parts of the game where you score huge because you were concentration so hard of winning.
The graphics in this game are very nice, and relaxing. The gems are plentiful, bright, and they shimmer at times.
People who enjoy views of outer space will love this. You will see space dust and stars that appear to move at the start and after you clear the screen, you will be treated to a space show and this includes a space ship tearing through the far reaches of outer space.
The sound effects in here are very nice, and they go well with the graphics. Of course, there is the option to turn them off but trust me most people will enjoy these.
There is music, which is nice, and sound effects when the gems explode. The player has the ability to turn off either of these, and switch the sound levels. I like the music so that level is high but the noise, which is made when the bombs explode, can get annoying at high levels so I turn this one down.
Bejeweled twist adds more excitement to the game of bejeweled and makes it even more addicting. Instead of simply flipping the gems, players need to rotate them and have to watch out for bombs, and lighting power gems.
I love the outer space theme and the animated effects of this game. It is something I have never seen in a game of this nature so that makes it new to me. Popcap games have a surefire hit with the bejeweled series and I cannot wait for the next one to arrive on the scene.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Frontierville is a game where the Wild West joins modern technology. The game was released in early June 2010 on Facebook and it quickly seen over six million visitors. Even Farmville was not that popular at first. In this Zynga game, players of Frontierville on the Facebook social networking site make a homestead in the west before it was won.
Personally, I thinking the trick into succeeding in this Frontierville game is enlisting all your friends and colleagues who are on Facebook into the game. With more neighbors, you can earn more points by visiting their farms and they can come visit your farm as well. Your neighbors can visit your farm by selecting your icon in their neighbor bar, but you as the player can also 'hire' your neighbor to come work on your homestead for just 50 coins. Similarly, you may visit your neighbors by clicking on their icon, but they may also hire you to come to work.
Actions and Rewards of Frontierville
Each action within the game will get the player a type of reward, such as picking the ripe fruit off a fruit tree will gain you experience and coins but occasionally other items such as extra energy, candy, or super special items will be rewarded. One can harvest not only the fruit but also crops, and of course feeding the animals will gain the player similar rewards.
In Frontierville, one can also chop the trees down, to gain wood, experience and of course coins. One can also clear the land of grass, wildflowers, caucus, skulls, and rocks. Any of these are can reveal a bear, or a rattlesnake, which the player will need to clobber for extra goodies such as food, coins, and experience points. These animals along with the fox and gopher will also get the player some special treasures, which range from bear meat, snake eggs, and a fox pelt, collected for more treasures.
Missions of Frontierville
A player is better off completing the missions as they come available, for when a player completes these missions they are handsomely rewarded. Missions are easy to complete and they are simple such as the player must plant 10 crops, clear 10 plots of grass, or clobber three snakes to get the reward. Currently I am on the mission to get married, but my spouse to be will not come to my homestead until I build the general store. I had to ask other players for materials to help finish the general store, and since the game is new it's taken me longer to build this.
Visitors to this page are more than welcome to leave their Facebook url below to gain neighbors on the Frontierville game.

Monday, February 13, 2012

More tips Frontierville

Frontierville is a game on Facebook where players get to virtually live out a life in the Wild West. Of course, there are cheats I am sure in this game but this article will focus on the tricks, tips, hints of the latest Zynga game, Frontierville.
Ask your family and friends who play games on Facebook to be your neighbor. Like the other games by Zynga Frontierville allow neighbors to visit other homesteads and do work. The benefit is to both the neighbor and the person who plays the game. Not only will both of you gain experience points and coins, but sometimes you may get energy or special goodies to help complete the collections.
Be sure to hire neighbors within the game for even more of the benefits. Coins, energy, food, and collectibles are all up for grabs.
Within your homestead on Frontierville, click on any completed building daily for a special bonus item. The bonus items vary daily, so check back once a day.
When a neighbor comes to visit and you are not playing the game they play as usual but there are added benefits to you as well. Take note of where the neighbors are standing when you log into the game and set fruit trees around the area. Cherry trees are the best because they give fruit, but by planting them around where the neighbors visit once you click the neighbor and accept their help the fruit trees will be picked.
Plant many cheery trees when you are first playing the Frontierville game because they always give a slice of pie and you can convert these to energy. Energy is very important in the game, but it is very important when one is just starting their game.
As far as crops go these people just starting, the Frontierville game and play often can plant crops of clover. It does not give much in the way of experience or profit but it does give a player a free sheep and 25 experience points when the collection of items is gathered. The clover collection consists of clover tea, clover, honey 4 leaf clover, a honeybee, and clover blossoms and when this collection is completed that is when a player gets the free sheep and the 25 experience points.
It's always smart to plant multiple crops of the same type of plant or purchase multiple types of the same animal to increase your chances of getting one of the collectibles. Just remember to plant them all at the same time that way they are ripe or ready to be harvested at the same time. Harvesting multiple things at once can give a Frontierville player a bonus.
When you visit someone's homestead on Frontierville click to publish that you were there, and that way it gets posted on your Facebook profile. Now when players see that posting on the profile they can click it and get a bonus they can use in the game.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Frontierville tips, hints, and cheats

Are you looking for some Frontierville tips, hints, and cheats? I have plenty here; I am now a Frontierville addict and play the game on a daily basis. Pest Prevention, collections, daily bonuses, crop placement, native flora, and fauna are all addressed in this guide to Frontierville. Use the comment section of this guide to find neighbors, simply put your Facebook URL in the section.
Tip #1
Do you hate those bear, gophers, snakes, and foxes? If you are like many of us and hate wasting energy clobbering or scaring them, simply move the crops or your animal away from the pests and leave the offenders where they are.
Tip #2
Put your buildings, or put fences around them and make the pests part of the scenery. Heck one could even put flowers around the pest and make a flower garden. I have also seen where some one put the benches and other decorations around the pest. Once you trap the pests, they will not show up again in the game and you will not need to worry about them.
Tip #3
If you like scaring the pests away, place your animals in the best possible place. Put chickens and geese which the pests love near the end of your game plot, this way when you clobber them it only take a few clobbers to get rid of them.
Tip #4
Hold off on trading in collections. Sometimes you need a burst of energy there, or whatever the prize is, therefore, it's better to allow the collections just to sit there.
Tip #5
Daily bonuses come from the buildings and the wagons, you are not limited to just one wagon, or house so add a few and collect the bonuses as you can.
 Tip #6
Running low on energy and need a quick fix, sell an adult pig or an adult ox. Both of these animals give you a lot of food. It's enough food for a breakfast, but if you sell a few at a time, it could provide a lunch or dinner there.
 Tip #7
Plant peanuts and peach trees when you can as these two crops will give you more food and your neighbors will get more food with these to crops when they help on your plot.
 Tip #8
Watch your Facebook feed for any references to Frontierville and add a comment to it. This lets the person know you play and who knows they might add you as a neighbor. Having many neighbors is beneficial to you and them as well.
Tip #9
Are you tired of weeds, cactus, and other crap in the game popping up all over? As you clear a spot, fence it in. The wild growing items will not cross the fence. Just be sure to close in the fence, by zooming right in on the game. Leave a small section near the edge of your plot undeveloped so that cactus, wildflowers, skulls and thorns can grow, you will need them for some missions.
Tip #10
Gift your friends on a daily basis. Skip the usual animals, crops and other items they can purchase on their own. Instead, send those building supplies, which will help them, better in the end.
Frontierville is a fun and addictive game, so enjoy it, as it's a good addiction. Load up on those neighbors and you can begin by adding your name to the comments section below.