Monday, January 30, 2012

Bingo Blitz Teammates

Bingo Blitz Teammates are a golden treasure. As with many of the Facebook games, Bingo Blitz teammates help you out big time. Get as many team members as you can, as this is a huge benefit to you as you play the game.
Teammates also will add daily credits to your account. You can get an extra five credits if five are on your team. If you have ten mates, you get ten extra credits a day. It goes up in increments of five more credits for twenty-five, fifty or hundred teammates. The cap is twenty-five extra credits a day, but these will help you play more games.
Every member is allowed to send one credit, one power-up, one key and one collection item a day. Not everyone will send gifts every day but most will. You can accept as many power ups as the other players send to you. There is a limit of ten credits and keys.
Completing collections is another way that having many team members will help. Once you complete a collection, you can get extra credits each day, and if you can sweet talk a teammate into sending you an item you need, it is a good thing. Five rooms, Black Out, Toronto, Hollywood, Paris and Rio currently give you one-time only credits of aty least 100 credits.
If you need ideas on how to get these friends to help you, look no further. You can find Bingo Blitz teammates as you play the game. Many players in there are looking for more friends to join them. Within chat section of the game, simply type in that you are looking for teammates. You will need to include your information such as first and last name, along with one or two words about your Facebook picture so people can find you easily.
You can also look among the many Facebook groups for groups, which will help you, score Bingo Blitz teammates as well as gift collections. Just search the groups for using the name of the game.
Bingo Blitz credits are easy to score if you know where to look. I am addicted to the Facebook game, so I know how to get these Bingo Blitz credits. Read that article here.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Margaritaville Online on Facebook

Margaritaville Online is a fun new game on the hottest social network.

To play what is sure to be the hottest new Facebook Game, you will need to update your Java. You get to design your character, choose male or female. Hair, eye and lip color can be changed. Further in the game you can customize your clothing and some buildings. Like so many of these Facebook games. You do the objectives to gain experience and other items to advance in the game.

Screen loads to Tropical treasure store, Margaraitaville plays in the background. Let it load, soon you will find yourself at the Oasis where Captian Frank will show you around. You begin you tour listening to upbeat island music.

Another screen loads and has a colorful parrot on it. It introduces the parrot, as ‘Tips’, and the bird will give you tips about playing the Margaritaville Online game.

The bird tells you to click on the beach, so you learn how to move. Then he tells you to talk to Captain Frank. Captain Frank says he has been trying to reason with hurricane season but since it has been rough, he needs your help to clean up. You pick up three pieces of debris and complete your first objective.  You get experience and coins which will help you in the game.

There are small side games inside Margaritaville Online such as the limbo, hammock toss (a match game) and of course a weapon game. 

You are given a slingshot to shoot the pirates who have come to party on the island. If you score 1,000 points, you advance to the second level. You also get to try your hand at fishing with the chief Parrothead himself, Jimmy Buffett.

There are plenty of game characters within the game, and one of the most recognizable ones is Jimmy Buffett.  His icon is very reminiscent of how he looked back in the 70s.  The other characters say funny things in reference to the songs, any Parrothead loves.

As you unlock achievements, you get to turn on the jukebox and hear pre-recorded live concerts. The first one you can unlock is ‘Boom A Rang Love’.  Imagine playing an enjoyable game that has a great sound track, not that tinny sounding crap you get with other games.

 On the second level, you become a Parrot-Head apprentice. On level 3 you become a ‘Coconut Telegraph’ operator, and on level 4 you are known as a ‘Changer of Attitudes’. On level 5 you are a ‘Havana Daydreamer’ while on level six you become an ‘A1A’er!  Upon reaching level seven, “one ‘Particular harbor becomes your current ranking. On level eight I became ‘Somebody from Somewhere’. All the levels are named after his songs, which is cool. Think of the memories those songs bring back.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bingo Blitz Game, an Addict Shares All

Bingo Blitz is a fun free game that can be found on Facebook. Over 2 million people play it on a monthly basis. A game, that is that popular, is a good one. I am obsessed with the Facebook game.

You may wonder what is so addicting with this game to make it so popular. Well it could be the accents of the callers in the different rooms. If you play in the London room, you will hear a caller with a British accent. If you visit the Hong Kong room, you will hear that the caller has accent of someone who lives there. You can also play in rooms where you will hear the following accents, Plano (Texas), New York, Hollywood, Paris, Toronto, Sydney, Atlantic City, Venice, Tokyo, and Rio.

It could also be that you get to win collection pieces.  These collections are made up historical items as well as landmarks from that area. So you get a bit of culture and history lessons when you play the game.

Once you have all twelve pieces of each collection, you can win credits to play the game. The more Bingo Blitz credits you have the more you can play.

Bingo Blitz credits are easy to get. I read a great article about getting credits. Read that article here.

Of course, the more teammates you have the more credits and other gifts you receive each day. You need to gather as many teammates as you can. You can find them in the rooms as you play the games, on Facebook groups and even among the friends, you already have on Facebook.

I did locate a book on all kinds of tricks and tips to this game. It is full of tips and tricks to playing this game. I learned how to succeed in the game by reading it. Check out the Unofficial Guide to Bingo Blitz eBook on Amazon with this link

Friday, January 6, 2012

Unofficial Guide to Bingo Blitz eBook A Review

The Unofficial Guide to Bingo Blitz on Amazon has helped me to find teammates so that I have more credits to play the game. I only had 24 teammates before I bought the eBook, and the eBook suggested different ways to get more. That was handy. I knew you should have many friends helping you for the hard to get items in the collections.  Trust me it is to your advantage to complete the collections so you get more credits to play the game

I also read about why I should have so many teammates. I did not realize they helped in so many ways. You get five extra credits for having five friends, and with one hundred or more teammates, you get an additional 25 credits a day to play the game each day!

The Unofficial Guide to Bingo Blitz also had lots of tips and hints to credits and game play. The author even included some many screenshots from the game to illustrate her points. You will see what is needed in each collection, what the hard to get items are and how many extra credits you get for completing that collection.

This eBook is only a dollar and a half and I do not regret my purchase. The author put lots of time and effort into it.  Oh yeah she also mentioned that the e-book was created with no help from the Bingo Blitz staff but they knew she was making it.  Check out her hints and tips. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

I Love the game Bingo Blitz on Facebook, I find it helps clear my mind in a good way after I am done with writing the harder topics. You see I am a freelance writer. It is my job, and sometimes my passion. When I have to, I write about topics that bore me to tears I usually have a brain drain thing going on. That is how this awesome game by Buffalo Studios helps me retain my sanity!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bingo Blitz Addict

I am loving the Bingo Blitz game on Facebook, and it’s a great way to de-stress between mind numbing web content. 

What’s so cool about this game? Accents, and surprizes! Its more than a bingo game, it is a bingo game with a twist, you collect the collection items for more credits. The more credits you have the more you can play.  
The game has several city rooms, two special rooms but holiday rooms do appear near the holidays.  The eleven city rooms are based on cities around the world. 

The Plano game room has a female caller with a Texan accent. In this type of room, you may not use any of the power ups.  However as you daub a number you might be lucky enough to  hit a chest which may have a surprise which  could be a power up, coins, credits or a collection prize. Once a player collects all 12 collection items in this room they receiver two extra credits for  the day.

In the New York room, the caller has a New York accent and you can win collection items that are icons, which depict the city.   These icons such as the George Washington Bridge, a t-shirt that says I heart NY, the Statue of Liberty, the Unisphere, and the Empire State Building. As with any of these eleven rooms two icons are gifts your team members have to ‘gift’ you, two are hard to get and the other eight can be won in the game or bought in the store.