Monday, July 7, 2014

Myspace Mobsters Strategy

Do you play Myspace Mobsters are you looking for strategy? Are you looking to increase your mob? I have the answers you seek in this article. Join a free Myspace Mobsters train, invite all your family member and friends to play the game.
Get funds strategy
Get some territories, to obtain an hourly income so that you will have a good cash flow to acquire more equipment to fight. Start with an empty lot in smarter Myspace Mobsters at just 5,000 dollars and it will give you $100 an hour in income hourly.
Then purchase town homes for $13000 when you can afford it to have an hourly income of $300. Build up as you can afford too, but remember to get the gear with which to fight as well as you have fun.
How do you get money in here other than properties? You complete the missions, to earn the currency. This will help to buy the guns, and cars to fight better on Myspace Mobsters.
Only purchase enough gear to complete your missions with even if you have a lot in your mob in the early levels. After you have lots of money coming in from properties go ahead and equip the gang with the same equipment.
Buy territories and gear, but never leave money in your hand, as the others will take it when they fight you on Myspace Mobsters and win.
Skill points strategy Each time to raise a level you acquire three points to add anywhere among, attack strength, defense power, max energy, max health and of course stamina.
Everyone has their own ideas on where to increase first but the smarter Myspace Mobsters know that max energy needs to increase always to travel upward. You will need lots of energy to do the mission past level 100 on the game as well as a big gang.
Fighting strategy
Fighting with the other players on the game is fun but you will get hurt. Sure, you get experience and sometime currency, but make the bulk of your currency with jobs and territories.
Obtain the same type of stuff for your Myspace Mobsters mob to fight with. You do not want some shooting guns and others battling it out with their fists.
Increase your mob strategy
It is very important to always be increasing your crowd. You need a huge group to help you acquire cash, battle and even to buy some of the bigger properties.

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