Saturday, August 18, 2012

Combat Arms Review

Combat Arms is a first person shooter developed by Nexon game studios. Nexon is a South Korean game studio that released games such as Dungeon Fighter, Mabinogi, and Maple Story.

This attempt at a first person shooter is good, better than most. It is free to play, with some premium item that can be purchased with NX, or currency for Nexon games that can be purchased with real life money. These include special versions of in game guns, and fancy uniforms.

Among the game modes, there are 'Team Death Match', 'Free for All', 'Capture the Flag', and other first person shooter staples. Fresh game modes include 'Blood Money'.

'Blood Money' is a game mode that pits to teams against each other, one team defends a bank while the other tries to break in, and steal all the gold. On the map made for this game mode, it is almost a constant occurrence of spawn camping. Spawn camping is where one team will camp at the others spawn point, and kill their opponents.

Another unique game mode is fire team. Players enter a single team for cooperative missions against computer AI enemies. This serves as then games campaign mode, as each mission has a story behind it, they all have objectives that must be completed.

Another mode is 'Infection' where all players spawn, and then a few seconds later one player randomly changes into a zombie. The match goes until all humans are infected, or the time limit runs out.

There is also a mode called 'Spy Hunt'. Where one player becomes a supper spy, and the others must hunt him down. Weapons include all the typical guns you see in games that have modern era combat. Melee weapons include, among other things, sickles, which are unique. Players will often spam equipment like health packs, or turrets.

The game has very little connection problems, or drops if any at all. One of the only annoying features is the voice chat, which does not have a hands free mode. However, this can be over looked by playing with friends and using Skype to chat with them.

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